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In a recent interview with Tunelab Revis guitarist Robert Davis explains that the band has disbanded. After fighting with the record label to release a new album, and the label twisting the band members against each other, the band has had enough. Since no single band member can speak for the group, no official statement has been made. But Robert makes it pretty clear he’s moved on.


The interview made it seem like Robert is kind of an ass. He explains that he would make a new album, but wouldn’t go on tour because he’s “getting old”. Then the next statement he says he just turned 29.  Then he starts name dropping Bernard Fowler from the rolling stones like he’s too good to work with Revis.


“We went out and did a little bit of touring, and that got cut short because of the financing, and then we couldn’t see eye to eye about the choice to keep going. I wanted to keep touring, Justin didn’t. He wanted something more secure, and I said let’s just play the shows because there were fans out there, but we just didn’t see eye to eye. I’m not saying I was right or I was wrong, we just couldn’t decide what we should do and we couldn’t be together any more. Later on we had some more conversations that went in the same direction, and we couldn’t see eye to eye. Eventually we just stopped talking. There were so many good songs that I want to get out there, but we just can’t put them out with that band. I’m doing everything I can to help [the songs] see the light of day through other projects.”


Why can’t you put them out with that band? Why would you possibly try to re-create those Revis songs through other project and take the glory for yourself?  This kinda makes Robert seems selfish.


When asked if they would re-record any of the new songs Robert refused:
I was over it… /I basically produced the record with David, and I didn’t want to press all the buttons again. It was something I just wasn’t willing to go through.


Really? All that work gone to complete waste because you don’t want to press all the buttons again? I see…. @!#%@!


I’d rather just hire a producer and have them step in, pay us that money instead, and let’s do this. I would do it, but I wouldn’t press all the buttons and produce. I’d just play guitar and bass and that’s it. That’s just the point I’m at. If it needs to be more than that, we’d have to sit down and have a conversation about it. But I can’t instigate it or go chasing that down, because it’s just a pipe dream at this point for me.


Pipe dream eh? Wow.

Then when asked what he was doing between the first album and the new one, Whew buddy, here’s comes more name dropping:


After Revis I got involved with a project called Hensley, that was very close to getting a deal. We did the Late Show with Craig Ferguson and some other stuff that was pretty high profile for an unsigned artist. We got close, and the singer kind of imploded. I don’t know what you’d call it, but he just didn’t want to continue. I got out of that and played with the Webb Brothers, who were Jimmy Webb’s kids. Jimmy Webb wrote for Glenn Campbell and wrote a lot of his hits. I played with them for a while and had a good time doing that, and then shortly after that Mikey Hilewitz (my drummer/producer) and I started this band called The Yelling, with Nathaniel, the former rhythm guitarist for Revis, and he did the singing. We had a song on Grand Theft Auto, Hawaii Five-O, and we were a really popular LA unsigned band, selling out clubs and having a good time. We kind of exhausted ourselves and decided to go our separate ways.


Woah, all that success DOES sound exhausting. Rough, man.


Then he talks about what bands should be doing:


I look at a company like pledgemusic.com, and it’s just so cool what you can do if you have something. Revis was gonna do that, and it would’ve been so much fun to make custom guitar picks out of broken cymbals for gifts, paint them, and really make other stuff and interact with fans — that’s what I’m all about, and when you get involved in that kind of stuff as an artist, fans are really going to be in to that.


Well then here’s an idea. Why don’t you USE PLEDEGMUSIC to raise money to put out new Revis stuff. There’s tons of bands that I’ve seen create entirely fan-funded albums. Has no one thought about reaching out to the fans for donations? This can entirely be possible but it seems no effort will be made since the band members can’t get over themselves and put aside their differences. Another great band is lost.


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