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Athletics is an epic post-rock band hailing from Asbury Park, NJ, comprised of Garrett Yaeger (vocals, guitar, piano), John Luby (bass, vocals), Howie Cohen (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Boyce (guitar), John Cannon (drums). Their debut album Why Aren’t I Home was released in Oct 2010 via Deep Elm Records.
They’re recently posted a teaser for their sophomore album Who You Are Is Not Enough to be released 6.26.12


The band has received critical acclaim for their debut album Why Aren’t I Home, rich with raw emotion and brilliantly epic songwriting. They hope to continue that trend with the new album. I had contacted the band for an interview and Garrett was nice enough to reply:


How was it returning to work with Gregory Dunn on the new album?

Working with Greg was great, he’s always a pleasure. This time around we had Kevin Dye, of gates, engineer and produce, so when the album was ready to go to Greg we had a much different product and idea of how we wanted the mixing and mastering to go. We spent a long time in the studio getting tones and nailing performance down, and Greg was incredibly receptive to the vision we had. On the last record he had a lot of cleaning up to do but the new one will be a more raw live sounding album. We definitely learned how versatile Greg is in his mixing abilities. Both him and Kevin did an outstanding job and we couldn’t have had a better experience.


What other bands do you listen to for inspiration when writing?

Probably a lot of what you would expect, Caspian, Last Lungs, Explosions in the Sky.


What bands are you currently listening to?
La Dispute, O’Brother, John K. Samson, Galleries, gates, The Menzingers, Johnny Booth, Aviator, White Picket Fence.


How would “Who You Are Is Not Enough” compare to “Why Aren’t I Home”, lyrically and emotionally?

The new album touches on a lot of the same themes as WAIH? The lyrics are fewer and probably a bit more general overall though. The tempos are slower, the dynamics are wider, the tracks are more cohesive.


How did you decide on the album title and what does it mean to you?

The album title was borrowed from a song lyric. It basically described perfectly the overwhelming emotion of coming up short. As a band we can all relate to trying our hardest, doing our best, being proud of what we’ve done, and it still not be good enough for some people.


What do you hope people take away from this album?

Obviously, I hope that people will appreciate it. I use music as an outlet, and I always hope that people can connect to it and use listening to it as an outlet for themselves as well.


With many independent labels and bands producing their own albums, how would you measure your level of success? Do you hope for ‘Billboard Chart’ success with Athletics in the future? Or does the smaller niche of devoted fans appeal more to you?
I’ve never really thought about it that way. We have always appreciated whatever support we receive and will continue to. As long as we can keep writing music we love, we’d be happy with wherever it took us.


What advice would you give to aspiring garage bands trying to break-out in today’s music scene?

Stay true to yourself. Play music that you would want to listen to.


Are there plans for an Athletics U.S. tour?

We’re in an interesting place right now as a band, and it’s not a bad place, but at the moment a full U.S. tour may be out of our reach. We recently did a northeast tour and we’re hoping soon to start working on some more shows. May try and do a short tour down the east coast and/or a short tour to the midwest. For the moment we’ll just be doing short weekend trips. We have a show in Asbury Bamboozle weekend. Then we have our vinyl release party June 9th. We’ll be posting about those and making event pages soon!


Thank you Garrett!



Here you can listen to their debut album Why Aren’t I Home

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