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Hurt are releasing their 5th studio album in May titled The Crux. For those not familiar, they’re quite easy to identify with songs such as Rapture, Falls Apart and Ten Ton Brick getting regular rotation on rock radio the past few years. Check the video below for their latest single How We End Up Alone.


I sit under a desk lamp at midnight and pair of headphones and press play to the new Hurt album. I didn’t get but 40 seconds into track one (So When) and I’m already thinking “Wow! This is fucking amazing!”. Then I think “Hmm could just be a fluke, the rest of the album might be horrible”. Then I get punched in the face on the bridge of Eden with the most viscous scream from lead singer J. Loren. Wow! Next thing ya know you’re rocking out to a violin solo on Adonai (which is Hebrew for “my lord” where he sings: “I call it real tough love unless you love to pick you bodies up and tow them to the grave”) Then the album wraps up with a farewell “goodbye/goodnight” of The Seer.


Hurt are at the forefront of the progression of the hard rock genre. Their songwriting takes the listener through an unpredictable journey with each melody. This album represents a vast progression from most of the genre today.


The album carries you through the highs and lows of the emotional dynamics Hurt pulls off so effortlessly. One thing is for certain with each Hurt album the music always compliments the emotions of each song; swells and pounding rhythms with sudden drop-outs followed by hard-hitting returns. Hurt knows how to keep you interested in each song, you don’t know what’s around the next verse, but you always know that it’s going to be awesome. The theme of the album carries with the band’s name. Hurt, loss, abandonment (from peers, and God) and all the ingredients that make up an awesome rock records. This album will not disappoint.


‘The Crux’ is set for release on May 1st and pre-orders are available here



1. So When

2. Eden

3. Links & Waves

4. Sally Slips

5. When It’s Cold

6. Adonai

7. Caught In the Rain

8. Cuffed

9. How We End Up Alone

10. Numbers

11. The Seer

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