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Sinch has re-emerged from it’s 7 year slumber with a new (100% fan funded) album titledSinch - Hive Mind “Hive Mind”.  Sinch’s sound is unmistakeable and has earned them critical acclaim for their 2002 self-titled debut (Roadrunner), selling over 100,000 copies worldwide.  After being dropped from Roadrunner in 2004.  Sinch kept the momentum going with a 2005 release “Clearing The Channel” on Rock Ridge Music.


Sinch has always walked a fine line between the ferocious and the fragile, easily turning it’s head from one to another.  They’ve broken free or the myriad of rock bands and grasped onto their unique style over their 17 years together with no wavering.  With a knack for brilliant harmonies and gritty vocals, Sinch’s musical stylings are generations ahead of their time.  Hive Mind is a true testament to that.



I was overcome with joy when I heard that signature ‘Sinch’ riffage from right from the first seconds of Cause and Effect. “This is really happening…”, I thought.  I grinned and let my head bob to the rhythm while the harmonies sparked as the vocals crescendo. Then they defy all the rules with a hefty ‘Dum duh-duh dum’ breakdown before the outro. Wow. This. Is. Sinch. Bravo guys, and that’s only Track 1!


Hive Mind takes the best parts of both their “Sinch” debut as well as “Clearing the Chanel”. Rich with dancing guitars and driving melodies from the first album, and intertwined with the harmony and emotion from the second release. Jamie Stems’ vocals play with the perfect counterbalance to the riffs and the whole effect plays to the deepest corners of your mind.  The album takes you through a dynamic roller coaster, hitting the perfect apex about 3:30 into ‘Speaking in Code‘ where Jamie’s intense vocals hit a culminating shrill scream. Hive Mind  is blistering brilliance, and resembles Sinch as a more enlightened band; forward-thinking, and fearless.
Top Tracks: Targets on the Range, Greenlight, Gods and Profits, Instructions (How To Die)

–Interview with Jamie Stem–


It’s been 7 years since the last studio album “Clearing the Chanel” (Rock Ridge Music), and in 2009 started accepting donations for the new album. How does it feel to release this new material?


Jamie: Its a bit of a relief to get the album released and out there. Its been a long time coming and we just ended up having so much material for Hive Mind, it made it hard to pick and choose. We did make a pretty big album though in the end, I mean it’s 14 songs long.  I’m just hoping the people who contributed really enjoy the new songs.


During the hiatus how had your perspectives toward songwriting changed? (lyrically and emotionally)


J: I don’t think they have changed a whole lot, I still get heart broken, I still get numb, so I still write about those experiences, the things that I live. I feel like i have a better understanding of life which in turn makes it easier to write about my views and experiences. I look at it as something to hold onto. I still have all those old songs from all those old bands on old cassette tapes and CDs, downloaded into hard drives, but some of those old stories and poems jus crumble away on the paper they were written on. Music is my only legacy, a trace of my thoughts that gets left behind.


How would ‘Hive Mind’ compare to the 2002 self titled album?


J: It is definitely comparable to any of the past Sinch albums, we really don’t stray too much from our sound, we’ve had the same line up for 17 years now and I think that contributes to what we sound like more than anything else. I mean we’ve recorded in NY, Nashville, Baltimore, DC, Ottsville, and even Joey Higher from Gigolo’s basement and all in all the sound is essentially the same.


What does the album title “Hive Mind” mean to you?


J: For me, it might mean something different than it means for you or for the rest of my bandmates for that matter. My girlfriend for example thinks it reminds her of Bob Dylan’s hair, I’m not sure why, but that’s fine with me. For me I truly believe we are all one and that traditions, countries,religions and races are all man made borders. That we have maybe more in common with each other than we think. A large faction of us, want nothing more than love and peace, it’s a small faction that fight for war. Smaller by the day, and perhaps one day I will want to have a legacy larger than music to bring into this world.


Did being ‘fan-funded’ add additional pressures for perfection? If you did have a label backing you and giving you a budget how would things have gone differently?


J: Well, it would have gone much faster on a label that’s for sure, but we all have jobs, no one does music full time in this band. This was done on weekends and holidays.
As for any added pressure, not really, I wanted this to be the best Sinch album yet, and I’ll think the same about the next one.


What do you hope people take away from this album?


J: I hope people enjoy it, that would make me happy. I mean that’s really my only hope, there’s no underlying message.


With many independent band producing their own albums, do you hope for ‘Billboard Chart’ success with Sinch going forward? Or does the smaller niche of devoted fans appeal more to you?


J: I just love making music and I’m happy to have an album out that in this day and age can be purchased by almost all of our fans without the need for a label to distribute it. Thanks to digital downloads we have a totally different way to reach people than we did back in 2002, or even 2005 for that matter.


Are there plans for a Sinch U.S. tour?


J: We have no plans to tour currently in the U.S.



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