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Who the f*ck is Josh Atchley?
Well, he is the singer, songwriter, mixer, and producer for the band I Will Never Be The Same. Mixing the best parts of God Lives Underwater, Orgy, and NIN, the one man band of  IWNBTS tightens the grip on industrial rock music, keeping it from falling into obscurity. IWNBTS have just released their highly anticipated follow up to their 2009 debut “Standby” titled “Tornadoes” on 2-20-12.
“Tornadoes” captures the dark electronic rock genre and stirs it up with ambient/industrial elements and a smothering of haunting lyrics. Atchley rekindles those industrial overtones in all the right ways and makes us ask the question why the Gravity Kills and Orgy bands ever fell by the wayside in the first place. Each element of the songs are carefully crafted by the songwriter himself, which I think makes every note all the more relevant, each listen makes you follow the path of  emotion throughout the songs, taking you on a journey through Atchley’s head.
The album opens up to the pulse ripping synth of ‘As My Heart Explodes‘ and then hooks you in for a journey of the darkened corners of your electronic mind. This will set the stage for the rest of the album, and what a ride it is.
Then the album takes a through the cascade to ‘Fall Apart’, a down tempo ‘ballad’ of sorts that reflects heartache and lost love: ‘All of the love that you let slip away, let it slip away’


The highlight of the album is thrill ride of ‘Pushing Objects Through Walls‘ with the stretching Reznor-esque vocal chorus that packs a punch followed by a electronic laden breakdown bridge. Atchley really nails it on this one.
Other highlights are the chilling instrumental – ‘To Walk The Night Alone‘ the haunting wub-ing of ‘Tornadoes’ which gradually builds you up to the opening lyrics “I am here to destroy you and take everything away”. And the final track of the album is a more driving instrumental track titled “The Wind
All around its a good album to rock to and warrants multiple listens. A must have for the industrial music elitist.

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