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Posted over at the Birds of Tokyo blog, the band posted this update: 

Part 1…98% complete

29 February, 2012 by The Band


hi hi,


we are about 2 days away from finishing pre-production…for about 3 weeks now we have been shaping up the record…song by song…line by line…note by goddddddam note! haha oh man…boy, are our noggins tired. we’ll rehearse again tomorrow then go and record all of the songs live in a bit of a last demo batch before taking a week off…then shooting to the US to begin the 3-4 months of recording / mixing.


so, anyway today i thought i’d give a tiny insight into what we have to show for it thus far, in the form of working titles and succinct description. (in no particualr order).


here is the short list that has been cut down for the record (remember these are working titles..hence they are usualy complete RUBBISH!):


some of these won’t survive 🙁



sawtales: short, swelling majestic ambience, very pulsey

motionless: suspended, haunting, texture instrumental piece

boss: modern field song, a huge building droning hymn

salt: a fuzzy, stylish look at the end of the world

irish: whisper quiet, watery, choral + mallety music box with huge weight, very spiritual

marrowing: ostinato driven exposition of dealing with the inevitable

redefining: lurchy, fuzzed out bass and drum driven modern gospel mountain

chestnut: fast, falsetto-ish, aching train ride of a jam..

this fire / with fire: our marching cultural campfire theme

copper: we have tried capturing the sound of the night and compassion…really pretty rolling drums and bass interconnectivity

blume: a blitzy, nearly 9 minute long, almost shoegazey  / post rocky ode to reconnection…

blue lincoln: named after a hire car…really washy / ambiguous mess of stomp and distortion

ornament hill: slow, quasi-fuzzed out mellotron laden 100 tonne pendulum swing

hornets: very dreamy sounding, city-esque modern look at “now”

circular/waves: another very ambient / textural number…lots of loooow piano over feedback and bass

deadpoets: a 2 part look at ourselves…part 1. dream-like mantra. part 2. its time to yell and make alot of noise.

lets see if that makes sense come record completion time.

thanks for listening. dinner time!





I would hope for a release date by the end of the year. We’ll keep you posted


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