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Anatomy Of The BearAnatomy Of The Bear is a ambient, chilled, relaxing, soundscape type band out of the UK. Comprised of Edward Gibbs (of Devil Sold His Soul) and Ryan Westwood, these guys create an audio landscape that takes you out into the wilderness and beyond.


Anatomy Of the Bear released a 5 track album titled Awakening (Spotify/MySpace) in 2010 and hope to finish their follow up album this year.


Awakening follows the path of a bears daily activities. Rich with sustained guitars, the songs often rise and fall in dynamic, reaching a driving apex to ease you down to a peaceful breeze.


Have a listen to “Playful Cub” from their album Awakening while you read the interview:


Lets meet the guys:


Name, age, role in the band:
Ryan, 26. Ed, 26. We don’t really have ‘roles’ in the band, there are only two of us and we each write a bit of everything, it’s what makes it a bit different.


Band name: Origins of the name, has it ever changed?
We started by thinking of the name ‘Bear’, and it progressed a bit more as we started to write. We started to write each song in the style of a bears everyday activity, and it soon became Anatomy of the Bear.


How did the band meet?
I’ve known Ed for a number of years through various gigs/forums/bands. I ended up touring with his other band Devil Sold His Soul before forming Anatomy of the Bear.


What is the hardest part in the songwriting process?
Ryan: Time really. We both have other projects and a life away from the band so time is the real issue. Aside from that, we live far away from each other but write across the internet, so that side works out pretty well.


Ed: Distance doesn’t really help, it’d always be easier to write stuff in a room together, but how it works is part of the charm really. It’s a challenge and that’s kinda fun, we communicate a lot on a day to day basis, whether it be about the band, or just chatting or playing games or anything, so if we need to talk about how parts work and stuff it’s pretty easy. We’re both fairly like minded, so it never takes long to get points or ideas across verbally.


What/Who got your interested in playing music?
Ryan: I can only really speak for myself here and I’d definitely have to say drummers like Keith Moon and Buddy Rich. I used to sit and watch The Who VHS tapes with my Dad; along with other bands like Rainbow and Queen. They were and are pretty much my idols since I’m mainly a drummer. Other artists like John Bonham, Peter Gabriel, Jonsi and Sigur Ros encouraged me to try things in new styles and changed my vision on how music can be created. Sigur Ros made a lot of their own instruments, and Bonham played double bass drum patterns on one kick drum which is pretty eye opening, I think more people should push themselves in the way they write.


Ed: My Mum has always loved music, so I’ve grown up in a situation where music is normal. I always wanted to play guitar and started when I was 11, my interest in music really started to grown from there and my personal tastes developed. I don’t even think I could specifically start singling stuff out because there’s so much and it probably wouldn’t be that relevant to this project. Amusingly though, both of us have been writing music like this on our own accord for years, I remember I was writing and recording this kinda thing when I was maybe 16, and a friend of mine would always say, that sounds like your own version of explosions in the sky, and I had no idea what he was talking about as I’d never heard them. It sounds stupid, but I started listening to post rock and bands like sigur ros because I had started writing music like it which I really got into.


Who are your musical role models?
Much the above really; Keith Moon, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Jonsi, Sigur Ros, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Bjork.


What are some of your favorite bands you are currently listening to?
Ryan: Currently I’m listening to a lot of Thrice, they have an always will be one of my favourite bands I found myself, not through growing up. Every album they have put out has pushed their style further, and I love that. I’m also really enjoying the new M83 and Minus the Bear albums.


Ed: I always listen to a lot of Converge, always have done always will! Probably one of my favorite bands, nothing like bear! Both of us love heavy music as well as the more post rock type stuff we write in this band, I love Envy as they cross the two over in a really nice way.


What’s your favorite thing to do when you have free time besides write music?
Ryan: Gaming. I’m a massive geek, and none of this console nonsense, I love PC games. Currently pretty heavy into the new Star Wars: The Old Republic game, come and find me.


Ed: Ry and I are both game nerds, that’s how we met each other, we were both part of a Counter Strike clan / Gaming community.


What is/was your current/previous day job?
Ryan: By trade I am a Graphic and Web Designer. I think it’s something I will always do, my second love to music.


Ed: I’m in another band that is pretty full time (not that I make any money) called Devil Sold His Soul, we’re recording our 3rd full length as we speak.


If you could invite 3 musicians (alive or dead) to your house to jam, who and why?
Ryan: Buddy Rich, Keith Moon, John Bonham. We would have drum battles for days and I think each drummer would really offer something different to each other.


Are you pursuing a record contract, or do you feel releasing it on your own is more important?
Ryan: We were/are and had some interest, I don’t think it’s ‘important’ we do it ourselves, but it’s very rewarding being in control of everything and knowing what’s going on, sometimes that gets lost in contracts. I think we’d definitely look at labels more when the right one comes along, it’s not something you should rush into.


Ed: I think that given we’re probably not going to be a heavily touring band (at least not at the moment), it’s more focused around writing and listening to music, it’s never going to be much of a payout for a label with current piracy issues. We’ve given it a lot of thought lately, and right now we don’t really need a label, we don’t need to owe anyone money, we don’t need to deal with contracts and rights and all of that rubbish. Right now, it really suits us to do it ourselves, it’s fairly easy with getting music online and through all the right outlets at the moment so why not. It means that we’re not paying back debts to labels, we spend some of our own money, we can break even and then use any profit we make om equipment, hardware, plug ins, stuff that can be used to make the next bear ep / album.


What will 2012 bring for Anatomy of the Bear?
A new album! possibly another small release after that; who knows. We would like to do some shows but it’s not a priority at the moment, the main priority is to get the music out to more countries and more people and I guess making our music available on the internet is the height of that priority.


Thanks for having us!

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