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Via Coma is an visionary rock band from Lafayette, CA. Formed in 2009, the band currently consists of vocalist/bassist/lyricist Rob Marshall, vocalist/pianist Jesse Kyle, and vocalist/guitarist Nicolas Gracia.


They just released a new single called “Back and Forth” which you can listed to and download for free below!


The logo (which represents the translation of the name “through endless sleep”) can be found as a brand from secret brotherhood, often found without the bands name. Those that know it belong to a sect of people who love music for music and have reached a new level of enlightenment. Via Coma plays off of decadent falsettos and colorful guitar melodies to take you to a place serene and familiar. This is the soundscape that is lacking in today’s music. It’s the answer to riddle that unlocks a new vision of music. Via Coma has done it right.


Here’s what they have to say:


Intro –  Name, age, role in the band:

ROB:   My name is Rob Marshall, I’m 24 years old and I’m one of three vocalists in Via Coma and I’m also the recording bassist of the band.
JESSE: I’m Jesse Kyle, I’m 22 years old, and I play piano and sing in Via Coma.
NIC: I’m Nic Gracia, I’m 22, and I play guitar and sing in Via Coma.


Band name: Origins of the name, has it ever changed?

ROB:  I thought of the name during the period of time when my last band had been undergoing a lot of changes. Evidently, that band didn’t last and I started working with these guys. Originally, we called ourselves, “Bridges” however due to the number of other groups out there with that name already, we changed it and we’ve been Via Coma ever since.
JESSE: Our logo speaks more on behalf of the name, an unfinished circle showing infinity, a power symbol with a tree growing from it symbolizing growth from power and a dying tree (no leaves) showing that inevitably death comes from growth and this completing an infinite cycle of life growth and death.


How did the band meet?

ROB:  I went to high school with Jesse and band camp with Nic.
JESSE: Nic and I met and played together throughout high school and both listened to Robs band “Kid Innocence”. When Kid Innocence broke up in 2007, the three got together to write music ultimately creating Via Coma.


How does the songwriting process work within the band?

ROB:  It’s different for every song we work on, but we keep it very collaborative. Sometimes people come to the table with a few chords or a vocal melody, and others a nearly completed track. If the ladder, we generally add our own flare on what was already written. Regardless of the way the process goes, we do our best to exhaust every option until we’re all satisfied with the final result. If we aren’t satisfied with the way something turns out, we’ll place it on the backburner for a while and move onto something new.


What’s the story/meaning behind ‘Back and Forth’?

ROB:  As a rule of thumb, I believe that people should pull away whatever meanings they derive on their own from our lyrics, however if someone really wants to know what a song is about I wouldn’t deprive them of that inquiry. “Back and Forth” was one of the first songs we started writing for our album and one of the last we finished. Coincidentally enough, the song chronicles that process we went through of writing and recording our album. See, I engineered the majority of the record and the song is about the banes and blessings of recording an album on your own. We all joke about the way my demeanor evolves when I’m engineering and call it, “Mad Scientist Mode.” I get in this zone where I hyper focus on these tiny nuances that most people have to force themselves to hear, and the guys would have to say to me, “ROB:  Stop. It sounds good.” It was utterly maddening.


What/Who got your interested in playing music?

ROB:  I guess it’d be my parents. I started taking lessons when I was really little, but I didn’t really enjoy taking lessons until middle school when I started studying Jazz.
JESSE: I’ve played piano classically since I was 6, so the biggest influence was my parents for encouraging me to play, and my piano teacher Sandi for catering my pieces towards my interest (Rachmaninov especially later). I picked up drumming when I was about 13 which got me into the band scene which ultimately led to my piano playing in Via Coma.


Who are your musical role models?

ROB:  I’ve never really thought about it. I think my two biggest role models would be my middle school Jazz and Concert band teacher and my guitar instructor.
JESSE: Rachmaninov, Muse, Keane, my piano teacher
NIC: I think The Edge has caught my eye as a role model lately. Funny part is I have never really listened to much U2, but I really respect the way that he creates certain soundscapes with his guitar effects.


As a whole I might say the band’s Mutemath or Thrice. Thrice is a band that went from not knowing their instruments in a highschool garage band, to a talented signed artist making well crafted songs and albums. They’re a great example of how much growing room there is in musicianship.


What are some of your favorite bands you are currently listening to?

ROB:  Well, 2011 just wrapped up and I’m still working on my albums of the year list but I’d have to say the top 3 artists I spun all year were: Gotye, Son Lux and Coldplay. No particular order there.
JESSE: Muse, Keane, Justice, Pink Floyd, there are too many amazing bands to name, but those are the four I’ve found myself listening to recently.
NIC: I’ve been listening to a lot of our friends bands lately, or more local acts at least. Currently on my phone I have HBSB, Hawkboy, and Wallpaper.


What’s your favorite thing to do when you have free time besides write music?

ROB:  Lately, most of my time has been devoted to a video game called, “Skyrim” and watching a lot of music documentaries but overall, I really enjoy listening to NPR and drinking coffee.
JESSE: Currently outside of music and work I love spending time with loved ones (including band mates at home). I play an obsessive amount of video games, pretty much all of them… And then mostly I spend time online or offline promoting the band.
NIC: Honestly I only spend my time in the music world. If I’m not writing, I’m researching guitar gear or new bands.


What is/was your current/previous day job?

ROB:  I used to be a graphic designer and office manager for a senior care company based out of San Francisco but currently I’m a full time student at University of San Francisco.
JESSE: I currently work as a computer tech at an electronic retail store.
NIC: I’ve always worked in restaurants waiting tables.


What will 2012 bring for Via Coma?

ROB:  Our first shows in southern California and the release of our debut album (whenever that is).
JESSE: Ideally the ability to turn our music into a life supporting career, but definitely a huge growth in fans and a lot of new music and material. This is the year of action, so large scale promotion, a constant supply of new content, it’s going to be an amazing year for us.
NIC: We’re very excited to release more new material, perform in new places, and to get our name out there as much as we can.


Thanks guys!


The band released their demo, Bridges, physically on March 3, 2009 and digitally on June 29, 2009. The demo is now out of print, selling all 2000 pressings, and no plans to make additional. Bridges is currently available through iTunes.


In the Summer of 2010, Via Coma began writing their first full-length album. The sound of the yet to be released record is a departure as well as an expansion from the sound of Bridges. Over the course of writing and recording, Via Coma developed a knack for song craftsmanship, melody and sonic nuance: qualities you rarely hear in the same package. Via Coma finished recording their album in August of 2011 and the record was mixed and mastered in October. The current release date of their yet-to-be-titled debut is unknown however the band has a music video in production for the song “Stitches” and the single “Back and Forth” was released on November 11, 2011.

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