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EXXASENS is a post-rock/post-metal instrumental outfit
from Barcelona composed of one man –  Jordi Ruiz.


After releasing his material on Myspace back in 2007, EXXASENS began to get attention and gain quite a following. Since then Exxasens most recent album ‘Eleven Miles’ was voted #9 in Post-rock Listeners’ Choice 2011: BEST RELEASE OF THE YEAR (out of 4000 votes) and can be purchased below.

Jordi has met up with some friends to fill in the parts he had done himself to turn Exxasens into a touring act. He’s also seeking US record labels for releasing his albums in the states and also seeking booking across Europe.Lets meet him:


My name is Jordi Ruiz from Barcelona, I’m 36 years old and I’m the composer and producer of the exxasens project.  In the exxasens three albums, I’ve played all instruments and I’ve recorded and produced all songs in my own studio.


Band name: Origins of the name, has it ever changed?
It has not any special meaning just the meaning that suggest it to you.


How did the band meet?
After three studio albums a promoter from Russia offered me a mini-tour there. For me it was time to start playing my songs live and to play in Russia were an excuse to start it as a real project, so I called four of my best friends to join me to the project, they accepted and in five months we had ready the show …


Most post rock groups play 8-10min songs, while your songs end around 5 min. How do you establish when a song ends rather than a transition?
Basically my influences comes from ROCK and METAL so I prefer intensity in few minutes than an explosion in a lot of minutes…. I guess that my influences determinates the way I compose my songs, I’m not too much progressive!!!


Why the Space theme? How did that become such an inspiration?
When I was a kid my dream was to become an astronaut, spaces always attract to me… cinema too, and specially sc-fi films, I enjoy like a kid with a good space film… Also I love all history with space conquer between Americans and soviets, it’s an amazing part of the history!!


What software/equipment did you use to record the “Polaris” tracks?
It’s a very cheap equipment:

– Guitar: IBANEZ FM540- Bass: The same guitar

– Drums: All programming with BFD Expansión 1.6

– Hardware interface: Line6 UX2 (for plug the guitar to the computer)

– Sequencer: Cubase SX3.6

– Mastering: Wavelab 4.0

– An some plugins for compresing, equalizing and so on and of course a lot of time producing!!!


What is the music scene like in Barcelona?  Would you rather be playing shows elsewhere?
Barcelona is becoming a indie-rock and electronic referent  in Spain and Europe, there are a lot of music festivals like PRIMAVERA SOUND or SONAR but they are specialized on electronic and indie pop music. About post-rock scene and other mainstream genres Barcelona is not so much good. There are good bands specialized on instrumental like SYBERIA or CARONTE but there are not any circuit with specialized venues for this kind of music and these bands, is sad but true.   Of course, and after to play around Spain with other bands I can say that I prefer to play around Europe as England, Germany , France or Russia and of  course USA!!


What/Who got your interested in playing music?
After listen black album from METALLICA!!


Who are your favorite musicians that inspire you?
The god, STEVEN WILSON and the other god, TRENT REZNOR and semi-god DAVE GROHL.


What are some of your favorite bands you are currently listening to?
There are a lot of but in this moment I’m in love with OPETH last album, MASTODOON, RUSSIAN CIRCLES and MOGWAI last album. And my favorites bands along time, METALLICA, NIRVANA, TOOL, DEFTONES, JEFF BUCKLEY, SOUNDGARDEN, MASSIVE ATTACK, MUSE…..


What’s your favorite thing to do when you have free time besides write music?
Normally to get out with my friends or go to cinema or listen music.


What is/was your current/previous day job?
I’m programmer engineer.


What will 2012 bring for Exxasens?
I hope it will bring EXXASENS a world tour around EUROPE, USA and JAPAN!!!!


Thanks again Jordi. Hope to see you in the states too!



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