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Over much confusion of the December newsletter that Tool had entered the studio and was completing new material, it has been updated with one tiny adjustment; The omission of  “For the VOLTO! sessions…”,  making everyone think that TOOL is completing a new album. Maynard has been on the road with Puscifer.

Over the Thanksgiving break, TOOL Danny Carey’s project VOLTO! entered the studio with producerTool ‘Evil’ Joe Barresi (ISIS, COHEED & CAMBRIA, PUSCIFER, TOMAHAWK) to begin recording the group’s new album. According to a posting on TOOL’s official web site, bandmembers are tracking all songs to tape — using a Studer A827 “Gold Edition” analog tape recorder they trucked in— at their own home studio. (Thanks Dave Grohl)

The original draft of the newsletter read:

“For the sessions, the place looked like a gear-junkie’s wet-dream, and with the ‘evil’ one deftly punching in bars on the remote control…”

Now it reads:

“For the VOLTO! sessions, the place looked like a gear-junkie’s wet-dream, and with the ‘evil’ one deftly punching in bars on the remote control, as the night wore on, song after song -in all their musical complexity – were being captured on tape (Yes, tape! For this record, a Studer A827 “Gold Edition” analog tape recorder had been trucked in.) By the time of my much-anticipated arrival on Tuesday, almost all of the tracks were finished, as were the holiday confections.”

But regarding Tool tour plans:

“Finally, to address all those Tool tour rumors. A few days ago, I met with the band’s management in order to discuss this very thing. Although I wasn’t sure if there was any validity to the rumors, I nevertheless told their manager that a small winter tour might not be such a bad thing. However, given my age, I didn’t think that I’d be able to attend too many shows as a guest (at least, I wouldn’t be able to attend them with the same vigor that I used to). I certainly didn’t want to travel on the tour bus, as the bunks hurt my back. Also, my excessive snoring might keep some of the early riser band members awake at night (particularly Danny and Justin). And then there’s the issue of the bad weather – both here and in Europe. Some dates in Australia would be okay, but with the recent discovery of an albino trapdoor spider in the land DownUnder, I’d have to rule that out, too. Perhaps some shows in the southern states might be best. Maybe even Texas? How about just a show or two right here in Los Angeles? That would certainly make things easier for me. I might even be able to party like I used to in the good old touring days. Better yet, still, what about an electromagnetic radiation transmitted (as theorized by Rudy Rucker, among others) – reconstituted/manifested Tool concert (including personality wave guests with all-access laminates) anywhere on the entire planet? Now, that would be great!.. Especially with those programmable display tee-shirts available at the Merch booth…”

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