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Last Night NPR broadcast an interview with Trent Reznor. This was an amazing interview where he discusses his new soundtrack for “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, his life through his career, the highs and lows of his career Pretty Hate Machine through The Fragile, to his isolation, to being a father. Trent opens up about the 90’s and his life and why he doesn’t like to re-live those times.  Read NPR’s summary here


Trent on the song ‘Hurt’:


It would have been around ’93. Nine Inch Nails was born out of Cleveland, Ohio, with me and a friend in a studio working on demos at night. Got a record deal with a small, little label, went on tour in a van, and a couple years later found that somehow we touched a nerve, and that first record resonated with a bunch of people. And it felt pretty great.


And now the stakes were higher, and I felt a lot of pressure to live up to this newfound expectations from these fans. And I decided to make a kind of conceptual record that told a story of somebody that was kind of futilely trying to fill up this hole in their being with whatever it might be, whether it be sex or drugs, or to try to escape from this sense of emptiness.


And I found that that created a framework where I could write these songs that all kind of made sense.


On performing the old NIN catalog:


Q: So if Nine Inch Nails performs again, and I assume you probably will, are you going to be comfortable doing those older songs and getting into that head again? That angry, like, self-hatred kind of head.


But when you’re on stage, it – I mean, I can say this with complete honesty, that the economics of doing a tour, it usually lasts 70 percent longer than you wish it would last. It’s fun for the first month, you know, maybe two months. And then it – you inevitably reach a point where, okay, I kind of don’t want to be in a hotel in Dusseldorf right now. You know, and playing the same songs tonight.


But when you get onstage, it takes over, you know, the songs take over; you start to – the songs inhabit you. You live inside the songs, you get placed back in that mindset. And I think primarily my decision to, you know, stop touring with Nine Inch Nails, that had a lot to do with it. You know, because it rubs off on you.


You know, it’s – I notice I’ve been doing a bit of press for “Dragon Tattoo” and a couple times the interview goes down the same corridor we just went down, you know, where it’s revisiting some places that I wouldn’t choose to normally in my day start thinking about and lowest points of your life, rethink about that, live that for a while. It sticks with you.


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