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From the first 15 seconds of the album’s opening track ‘Any Moment Now’, the blazing riffs of Mr. James Black sink their hooks into your ears as they grasp hold to take you through a topsy-turvy ride that is ‘Life Turns Electric’. Finger Eleven’s triumphant 5th album finds the band embracing the slightly-off-kilter-pop-rock groove that was so well received by their hit ‘Paralyzer’ on the prior album ‘Them vs. You vs. Me’.

The album is rich with the signature Finger Eleven sound of screeching guitar solos and driving bass lines that flow seamlessly with Scott Anderson’s vocals. Yet is a far stretch from the darker, heavier ‘Greyest of Blue Skies’ F11 turned on so many on, which may cause the earlier fans to give up on the band calling them “sell outs” for the pop-hook-latent Life Turns Electric.  Although a more radio-friendly approach, it seems this has been the natural evolution of Finger Eleven over the years. Still, for a hard rock fan such as myself, this album is like a hard hit in a pillow fight, it’s not going to blow you away, but it will keep you coming back for more.

The first single, Living In A Dream is like the recipe for Paralyzer with different ingredients. It even sounds like they borrowed the ascending ‘ahhh’ in the first seconds of Paralyzer, and reversed it for the opening of Living In A Dream at :09. But nevertheless, the song kicks it up with Scott’s powerful vocals throughout the chorus and that damn catchy riff that’s worthy of Top 40 airplay.

Another stand out track is Don’t Look Down which resounds with hard hitting chorus with lyrics of perseverance: ‘Don’t look down/ close your eyes and keep your head in the clouds/ cause it’s only a matter of time before you hit the ground/ but until you fall you’re gonna have to live this out’
The album closes with the soft psychedelic swing-tempo Love’s What You Left Me With.
‘Every ending has to be too much-too soon, for just about everybody.’

The layers of the songs throughout the album allow for new discoveries on each listen, which requires the listener to dig a little deeper to find the true essence of each song. Some may not give it that chance and disregard the album after a single listen.
Their loss.


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